Negative feedback


I am a big fan of decentralization and here is my first negative feedback of Bitsquare.
On Openbazaar, the download page is very easy to understand: , it is easy to find how how to proceed the download from windows, mac or Linux.
On Bitsquare, When I click DOWNLOAD button on the homepage, I am redirected to the github page. Ok I can find the links for downloading but it’s very unfriendly. I don’t know which link to click between .dmg, .deb, .exe… . I ve got windows 7.
Is there a way to make a download page more simple to understand for the average Joe (me) ?
Thank you for reading my feedback.

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Yes I totally agree and to make the download more user friendly is on my todo list.
Though there is so much else to do, so I need postpone some stuff in favor to get other stuff done, but I hope we can do that soon.

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oh ok. Great.
I just downloaded the .exe and it works fine.

You figured it out already. If anyone else is wondering:

  • .dmg = Mac
  • .deb = Linux (Debian)
  • .exe = Windows

Good dynamic here, to admit that improvement can be made (and then make it). The ‘centralised automated-exchanges’ (Is that the right term?) have become aloof – not a great strategy if you are as user-unfriendly as some of them are. We can rip loads of business from them (and I’ll try to weep in sorrow as it goes on).

The correct term is:

Financial United Coffer Keepers Touting A Really Dodgy Scheme.