Netbook compatible with Bisq?

Hey guys. The laptop I bough doesn’t let Bisq connect. I don’t know if it’s the laptop or my connections. I tried tethering off my phone, my home wifi, and public wifi. All of them don’t work. But I really would like to run Bisq.

So what cheap netbook or touch pad should I buy that is known to work with Bisq?
I want something cheap, portable, and compact. Sturdy would be nice but likely not compatible with cheap.

Any suggestions?

Bisq should work on all devices. Try going to some websites using firefox and if that works download tor browser and go to some websites.

If both of the above work fine, there is an issue with your Bisq installation and not your connections. In that case I would suggest deleting the data directory and trying again.

@PepeLapiu Hey i answered you in a previous thread. If you are using windows, it’s possible that your antivirus is blocking Bisq from connecting. Look into that first! --> check the windows section for info.

Some netbooks are 32-bit based and Bisq can’t work with it.

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It’s kewl guys. For some reason Bisq started to work on my laptop. I don’t know why it wasn’t working and I don’t know why it started working. I guess the Bitcoin gods are watching over me.

Next step is getting Ubuntu to install on the laptop so I can run Bisq on Linux. But that’s been a big challenge so far.

You can run a virtual machine with Virtualbox on windows… install ubuntu and use it strictly for Bisq. If you do that though make sure the VM has atleast 4gb of ram