Network of exchanges: Other Altcoins as base currency

can I run Bisq in two different virtual machines with the same wallet concurrently?

You mean with the same base currency? No.
With different base currencies, yes - but better to use different app names (–appName=Bisq2) to separate cleanly.

cool thanks

Now I have both versions running in parallel:

And I see what I have seen long time with Bitsquare … namely that the BTC version consumes lots of memory. Interestingly the DASH version does not do that.

That is bc there are more offers. offers create traffic as they get refreshed every 4 minutes. also nr. of peers is higher.

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I do not quite understand the use of LTC and DOGE as base currency (somewhat better DASH), really are not having volume. Maybe if you used a new coin with a lot of potential and few places of sale like Iota the idea could work better.

It was added as we tx fee was rising very high in April and it was not clear who SegWit plays out. In worst case tx would be > 5 EUR and we could have had a chain split which would have forced us to disable trading on Bisq with BTC as it would have been to insecure. That was the background why we looked into alternative base currencies.
The main constraint there is a technical: It need to be available as a BitcoinJ implementation. That was only for LTC and DOGE. Thats why those get added first. DASH needed more work which was done by DASH devs.
As DOGE triggered basically zero interest we will likely remove it in future versions as it has costs supporting a seed node and arbitrator.

The options are there because people are fucking with Bitcoin. Almost No point otherwise to have these options, unless a fair usable fungible private decentralised blockchain with multisig is created soonish. Because Bitcoin ain’t going to be fungible and private any time soon… Should have done an ico (joking!)

Certainly developers of some alts should be interested in developing links with bisq. Bitshares is a P2P conglomerate where there might be someone with an interest to make a similar link. Perhaps you could also probe the developers of some new alts. Really alt that are not scam or that contribute something I do not think that more than ten or less.

As said the technical requirements is rather narrow with BitcoinJ. NameCoin has no P2SH yet otherwise might be a candidate. ZCash might be another but so far I heard there is no BitcoinJ impl. out yet.
The other issue is that a market need to be bootstrapped which is not easy. We don’t market the other markets as we hardly manage to market the BTC market well.
I see the base currencies more as safety belt and of course if some markets bootstrap it might be interesting for those to have a Fiat gateway, but I don’t expect too much here.