Never traded altcoins

I just run the trade statistic with the altcoins to see how many are never traded:

Total number of tokens: 131
Traded assets: 60
Never traded: 71
Never traded since > 4 months (v0.7.0): 38

Never traded Crypto currencies (only coins added until 0.7.0 since that we added about 40 more, probably most of them also have been never traded):
BitCloud (BTDX)
BitZeny (ZNY)
Bitcoin Core (BTCC)
Bitcoin Instant (BTI)
Bitcore (BTX)
Conceal (CCX)
Credits (CRDS)
CryptoTari (TARI)
Devcoin (DVC)
Diamond (DMD)
Exceed (EXC)
FuturoCoin (FTO)
Graft (GRFT)
Kumacoin (KUMA)
LikeCoin (LIKE)
LitecoinExtreme (LCE)
Lobstex (LOBS)
MFCoin (MFC)
Madbyte (MBYT)
Madcoin (MDC)
MaxCoin (MAX)
MegaCoin (MEC)
MicroCoin (MCC)
Motion (XMN)
Myriadcoin (XMY)
Nano (NANO)
NewPowerCoin (NPW)
Nilu (NILU)
Nimiq (NIM)
Pix (PIX)
PixelPropertyToken (PXL)
Tamadcoin (TMC)
Triton (TRIT)
Wownero (WOW)

All traded Fiat currencies:
Euro (EUR): 5167
US Dollar (USD): 3079
British Pound (GBP): 841
Swedish Krona (SEK): 170
Australian Dollar (AUD): 157
Canadian Dollar (CAD): 155
Swiss Franc (CHF): 133
Norwegian Krone (NOK): 92
Brazilian Real (BRL): 31
New Zealand Dollar (NZD): 27
Chinese Yuan (CNY): 15
Costa Rican ColĂłn (CRC): 10
Vanuatu Vatu (VUV): 9
Thai Baht (THB): 6
Israeli New Sheqel (ILS): 5
South African Rand (ZAR): 5
Mexican Peso (MXN): 4
Japanese Yen (JPY): 3
Nigerian Naira (NGN): 2
Bahraini Dinar (BHD): 2
Philippine Peso (PHP): 1
Indian Rupee (INR): 1
Cambodian Riel (KHR): 1
Czech Republic Koruna (CZK): 1
Papua New Guinean Kina (PGK): 1
Polish Zloty (PLN): 1
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD): 1
Russian Rouble (RUB): 1
Chilean Peso (CLP): 1
Omani Rial (OMR): 1

All traded Crypto currencies:
Monero (XMR): 1366
Ether (ETH): 316
Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 197
Siacoin (SC): 176
Dash (DASH): 160
Siafund (SF): 98
Litecoin (LTC): 78
Decred (DCR): 49
Gridcoin (GRC): 36
Zcash (ZEC): 19
DeepOnion (ONION): 16
Namecoin (NMC): 16
Ether Classic (ETC): 15
Unobtanium (UNO): 14
Spectrecoin (XSPEC): 12
Mycelium Token (MT): 11
Xuez (XUEZ): 11
Dogecoin (DOGE): 10
Counterparty (XCP): 8
ZenCash (ZEN): 8
Zcoin (XZC): 7
Pied Piper Coin (PPI): 7
Lisk (LSK): 6
Byte (GBYTE): 6
Nav Coin (NAV): 6
Bitcoin Clashic (BCHC): 5
Pascal Coin (PASC): 5
NuBits (NBT): 5
01coin (ZOC): 4
PostCoin (POST): 4
Burstcoin (BURST): 4
LBRY Credits (LBC): 3
MaidSafeCoin (MAID): 3
Safe FileSystem Coin (SFSC): 3
Obsidian (ODN): 3
Ellaism (ELLA): 2
Aquachain (AQUA): 2
Koto (KOTO): 2
Cryptonodes (CNMC): 2
DACash (DAC): 2
Semux (SEM): 2
ReddCoin (RDD): 2
Internet of People (IOP): 1
Bitcoin Gold (BTG): 1
Mazacoin (MAZA): 1
DarkNet (DNET): 1
Pepe Cash (PEPECASH): 1
Espers (ESP): 1
Sibcoin (SIB): 1
Pranacoin (PNC): 1
Ringo (RIN): 1
Nxt (NXT): 1
Terracoin (TRC): 1
Wavi (WAVI): 1
AchieveCoin (ACH): 1
Creativecoin (CREA): 1
DynamicCoin (DMC): 1
WorldMobileCoin (WMCC): 1

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In my opinion, if the coin was never traded for the first couple of months since it was added, it shows that nobody wanted it to be added in the first place so they can trade it.

I think we should remove those and clearly state in the docs that people shouldn’t request to add coins that they are not willing to trade (or know someone who specifically said they would trade it on Bisq if it was added).

It makes since to add only features and coins that people want to use. If no one is planning to use these, it just makes the code unnecessarily larger.


There is indeed worse than no trades. It’s no offer.
And there is worse than no offers. It’s no sell offer.
Listing an altcoin with 0 idea about even selling this altcoin should’nt be encouraged.

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I think its defined in the docs that a coin has to be traded once in 4 months at least.

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