New account can only buy 0.01 bitcoin, anyone interested?

Is anyone willing to sell me 0.01 bitcoin? I have a new account, and cannot find any offers that accept that low an amount. I don’t want to have to wait for 30 days before this amount automatically goes up. I can pay with interac e- transfer. I live in Canada, let me know if there are other ways I can pay you. Thanks.

If you are new to Bisq you can also purchase small amounts of BTC here: Informal Market for Small BTC Trades - Bisq Wiki

You can make an offer to buy 0.01 worth of Bitcoin or you can take an offer from someone asking to sell 0.01 worth of Bitcoin from someone looking to sell.

Interac e- transfer, TransferWise, Uphold, Cash by mail, and Cash in person are all possible payment methods for your CAD.

You can see all fiat payment methods here: Payment methods - Bisq Wiki