New arbitrator

I am a new arbitrator and take over the existing cases from Chris. He need to make a break to focus on his health issues. I will start a new node on my own soon but take care that the old cases with Chris’ node are handled. Please have patience if I am not responding super fast. I try to do my best.


Alright, we will notify you for future disputes concerning you.

Because the current node is getting already too many transactions I started a new node with onion address
urlujknbe7itmiwl. The old node I took over from Chris will still be online the next few weeks but will get revoked.


We’re new here.

We’re interested to become an arbitrator for our market (Malaysia) since bank de-risking has become pretty bad. Can you direct us on where to start reading on becoming one?

Currently Bisq isn’t adding new arbitrators, when the Bisq DAO comes out in v1.0.0, arbitrator role (if still used) will be open to anybody. But currently it only consists of 2 core Bisq contributors.

Thanks for the heads up.

Will read up on Bisq DAO.