New Bisq 2.0 - Project Proposal on working

Hello. I have read about Bisq 2.0 and here is a different approach that enables more anonymity making all trades even untraceable and confidential.

Instead of using BTC as a base pair, a new coin is introdused like bisq that has its own blockchain with RingCT transactions like Monero does.

The sellers own this token and create a RingCT transaction publishing a sell offer and some contact details to be later contacted via the chat feature by the buyers. The potential buyers will see the sell offers and start discussing over the chat. The buyers ask the sellers to prove that they own enough money and maybe the sellers might ask a screenshot or video that the buyer has the money in his account. This proof could be faked by both of them, but nobody loses money because the seller funds are protected by the multisig.

Then, once everything is set, a mediator is chosen, a multisig wallet is funded by the seller with his token anonymously.

LE: Is anybody interested ? I already have been working on this implementation and most code is already done.