New Bitsquare release 0.4.9 available

New Bitsquare release available!

Please update as soon as possible to that new release.
It comes with many new features and bugfixes.

New coins added:
EtherClassic, USD Tether, EUR Tether, JPY Tether, Lisk, DigixDAO Tokens, Worldcoin, FlorinCoin

We support the new Ether classic fork which will be availabe in about 1 week.
Please follow the projects web pages for further information and be sure you are aware of the risks involved in the situation of an Ethereum fork, both for ETH and ETHC trades!

Hello Manfred, I am new to Bitsquare and have installed version on Linux and added a little BTC to the wallet. Can you point me to some instructions for updating? Do I need to back anything up before
executing sudo dpkg -i Bitsquare-64bit-0.4.9.deb ?

Backup is always a good idea! Beside that there is nothing special just install the new version.

Upgraded, thanks! Looking forward to doing my first trade soon. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Etherclassic seems to be a big hit. Maybe this will be the kickstarter Bitsquare needs. If my ETHC wallet works I have already made some ETHC profit. Maybe enough for a beer.

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