New coin without website

Would it be possible to list a coin with no website (seeing as the main focus of that coin would be decentralization) ?

Is that really serious to propose a coin which has not even a website ?

It is. Anyone can slap on some css and copy pasta.

I agree with you in the sense that there should be lots of customizations. But listing a scam or untrustworthy coin? I’m not too sure about that. Perhaps we can vote on which coins to list and establish a consensus model to determine the features.

Well it is certainly odd to add a coin that doesn’t even have any kind of explanation on how it works.

I personally think that an url to a source code or at least a website that has a link to source code should be required.
It was a general idea from the beginning that Bisq shouldn’t add coins that are obviously a scam, simply to not make a problem worse.

If there is not even a link to source code, then there is nothing decentralized about that.
In my opinion, you have to have open source code to be considered a cyrptocurrency.

Alternatively you could share your source code in other manners, such as via torrent or using other types of network, not just over clearnet Internet. But although I never heard of something like that, it would still be acceptable, in my opinion, to place a magnet link to a torrent or an appropriate url on that particular type of network.

So in short, you got to have an open source code and it should be obvious that you should and would be able to link to it in some way.

It would have everything except a website, how is that a scam?

A github, discord, twitter, facebook, ann thread etc… How did the word scam come into play here?

The reason for no website would be obvious once the coin is out, but like I said, decentralization would be a key factor and hence no website…

maybe you have other places to discuss about this fabulous “without website” coin ?

I think it will be just fine if you place a GitHub url instead of a website in your pull request.
I don’t think devs will mind.