New Hot-fix release

A new release is available for download:

This is a hot-fix release for fixing a problem with an UnreadableWalletException in combination with Bitcoin Core 14 transactions (See:!topic/bitcoinj/mhV9BvoSYMo for more background).
Please update as soon as possible.

Release notes

  • Fix protobuffer serialization issue with transaction version used in transaction hash at Bitcoin Core 14, causing UnreadableWalletException. For more details see:!topic/bitcoinj/mhV9BvoSYMo
  • Add info popups for requirements for ClearXchange
  • Add scroll pane support to all screens.
  • Fix wrong percentage calculation in spreads view for altcoins
  • Fix missing tx fee at emergency wallet payout.
  • Add address validation for ETH
  • Don’t use peers from AddressMessage calls if we use a custom Bitcoin node list or localhost.
  • Ability to re-open a dispute (e.g. if no answer from arbitrator in case of network problems)
  • Update MIN_NONDUST_OUTPUT from 546 to 2730 satoshis
  • Fix missing persistence calls when internal wallet structure has changed, possibly causing bugs with internal wallet structure getting inconsistent (reserved funds for an offer might be used for another trade, so causing failed trades,…).