New Markets Website

The new markets website does not work properly in the Tor browser anymore.

No data is shown anymore. Only the headers and footer are displayed.

Please, tell exactly which address doesn’t work properly.
I’m also using torbrowser, and eg displays ok.

It seems to require JavaScript to display it properly, so in case you use Tor Browser on high security setting, you need to allow temporarily in the NoScript icon on top right of the browser.

ah, this morning doesn’t work for me with torbrowser.
The redesign of the website is very recent, and it’s very possible there are still some remaining bugs.
I pass the info on the concerned slack channel.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for all the answers.

There are path going to the markets page that do work. However it is not really reproducible for me.

Sometimes it works if I click on the link in this forum when I’m logged in, but not always.