New Payment Methods proposed for Bisq (Please comment on the ones you would like added)

New Payment Methods proposed for Bisq

Hi following discussion with Bisq users the following payment methods are being considered for inclusion in Bisq.

Not all payment methods will be added as we will be looking to add the ones that will be most widely used. Therefore if you see a payment method you would like to use please comment on this thread saying what would like to see, or even better comment on the GitHub issue.

The more feedback received the better we can develop Bisq to be useful to people like you,

Multi-Currency Payment Methods

Indian Payment Methods

African Payment Methods

US Payment Methods

European Payment Methods

Colombian Payment Methods

Brazilian Payment Methods

Gift Voucher Payment Methods

Also, SWIFT has already been confirmed to be added as an international / multi-currency payment method and is with the devs now.

I know you’re specialized fiat payment methods, but I would like to alts like stablecoins (USDT, DOC) or ADA which has been in top 10 trading volume for many time.

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I think USDt Tether on Liquid - LUSDt is a must have,.

Here is the proposal for USDT feel free to add any comments: List USDT (Tether) · Issue #170 · bisq-network/proposals · GitHub

Skrill and Neteller its very used!
And of course PayPal, but i suposse you dont want to include it because sucks :slight_smile:

Thanks I think Skrill and Neteller are essentially the same (owned by the same group). I have used Skrill before and it works well.

PayPal is not an option due to chargebacks.

Hi all, is it possible to include CurrencyFair as a payment method? Payments go out normally as SEPA or SWIFT, without a possibility of chargeback. Like TransferWise.

I have used CurrencyFair before but have not been impressed with their service. Excessive reason for payments request and slow payments. I think other payment intermediaries like Skrill / WorldRemit would be preferable to CurrencyFair.

@Stant any reasons why you feel CurrencyFair would be a good addition?

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My payments are there within a day, so I can not confirm your observation. Very good exchange rates as well.

I think any additional secure payment method is an added value for the community.