New payment methods US Postal money order - Feedback request

I want to add US Postal money order as payment method:

The payment account setup looks like that:

As far I researched name and postal address is sufficient. Can a US citizen who has experience with postal money order confirm that?

See also:

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Hello, I’m giving the US Money Order payment method a try so I created an offer and it seems that a buyer has accepted the offer. Can you tell me what I do next? Do I now wait for the Money Order to arrive in the mail? What happens if the Remaining time runs out before I receive the Money Order? Here is a screenshot of what I see on the bisq application now.


A dispute button will appear that you can click and the arbitrator will get involved. If he decides that the mistake is on the buyers part, you will be getting your bitcoins back and maybe even buyer’s security deposit for your troubles.

Just checked the google doc in the First Post.
I see someone has looked into Australia Post Money Order with the conclusion of Interesting :slight_smile:
Could bisq add this as a payment method or is there more research needed?

Seems that there is an online option via website / email & physical post option. I dont see a good reason to support the physical post option, email is so much easier.
ID is needed on both sides to receive and send. Only need the real name & email to send / receive money.
I have not actually used this service before, so i think i might do one to myself and see what kind of input boxes are required.
Any Aussies have any comments about this payment method, have you used money orders before?

Thank you alexej996 … this is very exciting!

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Woo hoo!!! Received the money order today and completed the trade! Thank you bisq!

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