New release 0.6.6 is out!

This release add a lot of new payment methods as well reduces the min. trade fee so that small trades become much cheaper! We also enable now to set a open offer inactive to give better control over offers in time of high volatility.
Don’t miss that update!

Release notes:

  • Reduce min. trade fee from 0.0002 BTC to 0.00005 BTC
  • Add option to set an open offer inactive
  • Add new payment methods: Venmo, Cash App (Square), Popmoney, Revolut, Uphold, MoneyBeam (N26)
  • Re-enable national bank transfer (ACH, WIRE) for US
  • Add TD Bank as Zelle memberbank
  • Add popup for explaining the trade limits at account creation
  • Add new Altcoins: Stellite, Dai Stablecoin, Obsidian, BitDaric, Yenten, Cassubian Detk, DigiMoney, SpeedCash, SOS Coin, AchieveCoin, vDinar
  • Change max. deviation of market price to 30% (in settings it can be extended to 50%)
  • Fix wrong fee estimation (#1325)
  • Fix bug with deactivated Cash deposit offers
  • Fix bug with currency selection in create offer screen when a mulit-currency account is used

Hi ive downloaded and installed BISQ twice, however i cannot get past the initialisation, connecting to tor stage, my connection is fine my tor browser is connected no problem but bisq will not connect

Have you tried restarting your computer?

Do you see Tor configuration window when the connection to Tor network fails, asking you for Bridges and offering you to delete outdated Tor files?
If it does you might want to try clicking that button to delete Tor files.

If you are experiencing some errors, you might want to send Manfred your log file in a PM so he can determine the cause of the issue.

Tor is still getting Dos’ed so it might be that a connection creation fails or takes much longer as usual. Restarting helps in most cases and if not as @alexej996 mentioned to delete the Tor files (from the Tor configuration window).