New rules for Cash By Mail (CBM) and Face to Face (F2F) Trades

Bisq wiki has been updated for Cash By Mail (CBM) and Face to Face (F2F) payment methods:

The new rules are just about what can be included in the ‘additional information’ fields for these payment methods.

For CBM and F2F payment methods the additional information fields are displayed to users prior to taking an offer.

To encourage trading to take place on the Bisq platform. It is now against the Bisq trading rules to list contact details for people to contact you outside of Bisq. Eg; Website, Email, Telegram/Keybase/Matrix username etc.

This should keep trades on Bisq and discourage any one making offers with the sole purpose of advertising external offers.

The penalty for attempting to get a peer to communicate outside of Bisq is recommended to be 50% of the trade amount.