New to bisq how to receive btc and can I send to any bank account?

New to bisq how to receive btc balance ? and can I send this balance to any bank account or limited for example to region like Europe ?

I read about the limit but the company hired me will exceed 0.01btc what I should do ?

and why bisq take long time to open ?

BTC can be received from any source, and any limit, to your Bisq BTC wallet, which is a normal BTC wallet controlled only by you (like other BTC wallets like Electrum or Sparrow) . That means that you can keep the funds and send them to whoever you want to.
0.01 limits are applied to new fiat accounts trying to buy BTC on Bisq, to make chargebacks less likelly.
You can sell BTC for any amount at any time, the only limit will be on how many fiat does your payment method support to receive.

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