New to Bisq, how to recieve USDC then send to bank account


Please any advise how to create USDC wallet to receive payment then send to bank account ?


You have things mixed up some… Bisq is primarily a bitcoin trading platform, every other fiat and altcoin transfer happens outside of the application.
I understand you want to receive USDC and then send the corresponding fiat value to your bank account?

Welcome to Bisq. I may not be the best person to answer your question, but as a long term ‘just a user’ of Bisq I will have a go:

You cannot create a USDC wallet on Bisq but instead add the existing USDC wallet details via
Account > ALTCOIN ACCOUNTS > Create new account.
Similarly bank account details would be added via

On Bisq sending|receiving fiat to|from your bank account is done via trading BTC. So USDC would have to be traded or swapped for BTC before selling the BTC on Bisq for the fiat currency of your choice, US$ I presume, which would be paid into your bank account.

By swapped I mean using a service like, but Bisq does support trading USDC for BTC.

I found the Bisq Distilled playlist on YouTube helpful when I was new to Bisq.

I hope my answer will be of some help to you.

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Thanks that what I am looking for.,

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