New to buying crypto currency, I chose Bisq because someone on reddit recommended it because I do not want to give personal info to coin base. How do I get started?

I downloaded the client, I would like to add CAD to the account and buy some lite coin. Once I have bought the lite coin I would like to store it on my jaxx wallet. Is there a way to do this with Bisq?

Bisq is not like a normal exchange. You dont send CAD to Bisq, you send directly to your trading peer as part of the trading process.
“Unfortunately” you need some Bitcoin first to use Bisq, this is how the software can enforce trading in a trustless way with the use of bitcoin multisig technology.

Once you have your bitcoin from your peer, you can get litecoin from

Here are some videos that may help.
and a faq

Well, you can buy Litecoins with Bitcoins. To do this just open an altcoin account.
You need some of the base currency for your trades, most popular is Bitcoin, but you can switch to Litecoin in the settings and trade CAD/Litecoin directly. But you will still need some Litecoin to get started, so consider lending it from a friend or something like that.