New to this.. how long does it take to purchase btc

How long would it take after I entered my bank account info and sent the payment from my bank to the person I’m buying the btc from, how long would it take to get the btc. I read that it takes 10 minutes is that true? Thanks

Also when I transfer the money is it just from one checking/savings account to another or is it etransfer?

The delay completely depends
1/ on the time needed for the BTC seller to get your payment. Generally it is fast, but sometimes it can be longer, especially on week-ends where the bank transfer can take longer. Depends also on the bank. Some bank are faster than others.
2/ on the time needed for the BTC seller to send the BTC. Most BTC sellers are fast … but not 100%.
3/ how crowded is the bitcoin mempool

With a good bank and a good BTC seller, 10 minutes is achievable in the week. But this is not always the case.