New Trading Protocol

from @bisq_network

Either trader can elect to publish that transaction when it becomes publishable (after 10 days for altcoins and 20 days for fiat).

20 days is a long time to wait for reimbursement for instance if the seller forgot the trade and didn’t release the funds. Trader chat does not help in such a situation :frowning:

Yes…this might sound scary but the mechanism has been designed such that such a scenario should be very rare.

Would like clarification on something. Does this mean that there are no penalties for a trade running over time? And that an instant trade is essentially the same as a non-instant trade now? In fact you could take right up to 10 days now without any penalty?

Another question I have:

Lets say someone comes along and wants to buy a LOT of XMR very quickly (for reasons) so they come on and set a bunch of XMR orders at 5% below market price and people go crazy and scoop up like 200BTC worth, these traders all transfer the XMR to the person dumping their BTC and then that person goes AWOL (because they don’t care about their BTC deposit, this has definitely happened and I’m sure you can imagine why).

Does the arbitrator have the funds to pay out 200BTC worth of trades?

I wish I were wrong but this new 2-of-2 system seems to be a LOT riskier for XMR sellers right? In fact it might just cause me to reconsider trading on Bisq

No, trade periods are still the same. Only thing that has changes is the dispute process. If a trader fails to complete their end of the trade within the defined time period, they are in violation of the trade protocol, and the mediator will suggest a payout accordingly.

I wish I were wrong but this new 2-of-2 system seems to be a LOT riskier for XMR sellers right?

I don’t follow. BTC deposits are made for the full trade amount, right? Why would this hypothetical person not care about that much BTC?

So lets say someone has a bunch of BTC that they need to dump quickly (lets say they stole it). Their goal is to get as much XMR as they can as quickly as possible so they put a bunch (lets say 50 trades up at -2% or something, 100BTC worth).

Lots of traders like me take those trades and pay them their XMR, they’re happy because they have the XMR, sure they have a bit of BTC locked in security deposits but they don’t care because they just want the XMR and don’t return.

I wait the 10 days, so do others and then we publish the donation TXN and open a dispute with the arbitrator, the arbitrator is asked to pay out 100BTC of trades from their own pocket which they can’t afford.

This above scenario may sound far fetched but it’s definitely a possibility, I have been using Bisq for about 6 months and completed a LOT of trades in that time and I have had 2-5 instances where the other party has gone completely AWOL and the arbitrator has had to sign the transaction.

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Ah I see. So essentially this is the case where the bitcoin seller fails to acknowledge payment…funds are there, but since seller goes AWOL, funds get confiscated because of the timelock.

There was another user who brought this up before. It’s a fair point. Will talk around.

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This is a valid point. There should be a level of deposit that will be enough incentive for the BTC seller to make the effort to reclaim it though. If the seller is a dishonest user only interested in monetary reward that seems to be a good incentive model. It’s easier to just finish the trade than try get more BTC elsewhere.