New version 0.4.8 is deployed

A new version has been released.

Please update as soon as possible to that new release as there is an issue with the P2P network in the current version.
to that P2P network fix we added many new features as well as a long
list of new Altcoins: Monero, DAO, Maker, STEEM and many more…
Trade limits have been increased as well.

Release notes:
Added Monero, Maker, DAO, STEEM, BigUp, PlatinumBar, Jumbucks,
Pinkcoin, OKCash, GridCoin, Moin, SolarCoin, Shift, Europecoin, PostCoin

  • Increase trade limits (Altcoins: 2 BTC, OKPay: 1.5 BTC, Banks: 0.75 BTC, Others: 1 BTC)
  • Support EUR option for SEPA countries which have a non-EUR currency
  • Customize bank account forms for countries: BR, UK, US, AU, CA, MX, SE, HK, NZ,
  • Add search field to Combobox for altcoins
  • Added Moldova
  • Add input validations for fiat payment method forms (only for customized countries)
  • Add info popup for mining fee when depositing funds
  • Show % price in open offers table
  • Increase max msg size for GetDataResponse
  • Change TTL and refresh/republish time
  • Fix incorrect handling of TTL
  • Fixed wrong sorting in tables
  • Fix validation bug for inputs at create offer screen
  • Add network stress tests

This version is backward compatible back to version 0.4.2.

Awesome, happy to see DAO added - I’ve posted about it on the DaoHub forum:

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