New Version released. Please update asap

Please update as soon as possible to that new release.

There was a bug which caused high P2P network load. The sooner all users
have updated the faster we get back to normal network load.

Release notes

  • Bugfix with repeated publication of trade statistics data
  • Add “Show all currencies” to trade statistics view to see total volume of all currencies
  • Add warning popup if Tor is enabled for http requests and user clicks a button to open a web page
  • Show offerers bank name also for SEPA in offer details window
  • Fix bug with missing market price updates
  • Save Fiat and Altcoin currency list as JSON if --dumpStatistics is enabled
  • Use info as default log level, improve logging
  • Other minor bug fixes

Why sometimes it isn’t visible?

(“Sell BTC” offers page)


See this comment:

That is with offers created before the new version. New offers should show it.

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Hi, it would be nice if you provided also either rpm or at least a binary zip for other Linux distros.

Which OS do you use?

With that tool you should be able to convert the deb to rpm.

I will try to build rpm for the next release. If you drop me an email I can send you a pre-release so we can test if it works. I only have Ubuntu VMs…