New version released

This release adds Faster Payments, a new payment method for the UK as well as improvements with existing payment methods. It comes also with an important bugfix, so please update as soon as possible.

Release notes

  • Added new altcoins: Opal, Synereo
  • Fixed bug with invalid offer ID causing wrong balance display and duplicate trade statistic items
  • Added new payment method: Faster payments
  • Add support for other currencies than countries default currency at bank accounts and cash deposit
  • Add support for EUR for PerfectMoney
  • Add “Extra requirements” field to Cash deposit form
  • Add copy icons to data fields in Cash Deposit, ClearXchange and US Postal Money Order
  • Add Nr. of disputes and onion address display to dispute table and details popup
  • Add dispute result reasons: “No response” and “Protocol violation”
  • Change warning popup if create offer button pressed with no account for selected currency in offer book views
  • Revert decrease of Nr. of peers to send message at broadcast
  • Decrease interval for sending keep alive messages
  • Delay result handler for mailbox message storage

Seems a small “bug” found its way in this release: When I choose “Filter by currency” on either Buy or Sell screen, many more currencies are displayed than I have chosen in Settings. Oddly enough, the number of currencies available in the drop-down menu is not the same in these two screens (more on Sell vs Buy screen).

Thats not a bug but a feature :slight_smile: Though a bit confusing probably…
The editable list in the settings i now only used for the market price list.
For the other lists (show all) we display all currencies where offers or trades are available.

I deleted a National Bank Transfer account and replaced it with a new Faster Payments account… but now (of course), I can not participate with National Bank Transfer offers.

The problem is, some of these National Bank Transfer offers may well be on the Faster Payments network. It might be that users are not sure about Faster Payments with their particular bank. Or maybe they just chose “National Bank Transfer” simply because it made sense. So, I was thinking (just an idea), perhaps the “Limitations” description for National Bank Transfer should say, “non Faster Payment banks”. And maybe when adding National Bank Transfer for UK, there could be a pop-up explaining about the Faster Payments option.

Faster Payments has a max trade time of 24h.

To make sure only people that understand Faster Payments use it, we made it a seperate payment method.

National bank transfers can take up to 6 or seven days (weekend, holidays, bacs). People have reported their disappointment about slow trades.

You can’t combine these, if you’ve got critical limitations and demands in the protocol. You shouldn’t have deleted your NBT account. You can expose yourself to as much liquidity as possible to get awesome trades.

I appreciate you can’t combine them, but I am suggesting that the user is somehow prompted / made clear that Faster Payments may be what they wanted instead of National Bank Transfer… because most banks in UK have Faster Payments, it’s just that some of them (minority) don’t participate.

There is no one selling bitcoin for Faster Payments because they are still using National Bank Transfer. I can see someone there that I previously traded with but I can’t trade again with them unless I go back an NBT… and if I do that, I’ll be back to the that set of limitations in the event of a dispute. The majority of people in the UK have access to free Faster Payments, it’s only companies that have to pay for it.

@ManfredKarrer No, it is not confusing. It is simply bad UX. The old way was much better: when you trade in multiple markets you want to be able to navigate between the orderbooks quickly. This was possible when you limit the displayed pairs in your Settings. This is impossible now as I have to locate one currency pair in a list of 20-30 pairs. Many of these currency pairs have tiny order books and apply only to a tiny number of (very geographically restricted) traders. The old “feature” was good: I can’t see what good was intended for this change.

Will consider to change that back in the next version.

Some other suggestions for your consideration.

  1. Use the “Market - Spreads” tab to drive the “Offer book” and “Trades” tabs.

So on the “Market” page make the “Spreads” tab the first tab, “Offer book” second and “Trades” the third.

Then on the “Spreads” tab when a user double clicks on one of these a) the “Currency” field on the “Offer book” and “Trades” tab is changed to their selection and b) immediately display the “Offer Book” tab.

  1. Fix Default Minimum to a lower number

This is really, really important. At the moment a lot of liquidity is stuck on the sidelines because Makers are defaulting their Min/Max values to the same number! This is very damaging to the market. In a normal exchange even tiny increments of a makers offer can be taken. It’s very limiting to liquidity to require takers to take the whole offer of a single maker. Therefore the minimum take should be a global default either fixed at around 0.05 btc or perhaps 10% of the makers whole offer.

For example have the “Minimum Amount of Bitcoin” in the “Create Offer” form default to 10% of the “Amount of Bitcoin to buy” field.

Thank you for the magnificent software.

Thanks for your feedback.
Good idea with the spreads screen…
Also changing the min. amount is a good idea.