New version released

This release adds new payment methods for USD (Chase QuickPay) and CAD (Interac e-Transfer).
Further we added 29 new Altcoins and we updated to the latest Java JDK with important security updates.

Please update as soon as possible:

Release notes

  • Added new payment methods: Chase QuickPay, Interac e-Transfer
  • Increase trade limits for Altcoins to 3 BTC, OKPay, Swish and AliPay to 2 BTC, ClearXChange, Cash deposit and US postal money order to 1 BTC
  • Added now altcoins: Zcash, Zcoin, Augur, Siafund, Gulden, Stellar Lumens, Emercoin, Plutons, GameCredits, PotCoin, Omni, Stratis, ReddCoin, VeriCoin, Radium
    Digital Rupees, Vcash, Waves, HOdlcoin, Burstcoin, Triangles, Argentum, DIBCOIN, Eternity, Battlestars, Nav Coin, DynamicCoin, Anoncoin, DarkNet
  • Change behavior of currency list to display user defined currencies instead of all currencies for which offers are available (same behavior like it was before v0.4.9.6)
  • Add Kazakhstan and Kenya to country list
  • Add Nr. of trades to trade statistics tooltip
  • Display time span in trade statistics tool tip
  • Show tx size in withdraw popup
  • Remove 1 min interval in trade statistics, add year interval
  • Added support for custom payout at disputes, define who is the publisher and re-opening a closed dispute
  • Use single gpg signatures of binaries instead of signature of bundled hashes.
  • Improved wording
  • Improved layout for small screens
  • Fix bug with withdrawal if tx size exceeds 100kb
  • Fix and improve build doc and scripts
  • Update to latest jdk version with bugfix for SortedList (remove our jdkfix module)

When you add one of the new altcoins from the settings menu, it doesn’t show up on the main screen menu. Is there something additional that needs to be done as well??

If you do Settings -> Add altcoin that should be enough.

Hmm, ok I will try in on my Linux box tomorrow and see if it’s different. My Mac doesn’t show it in the menu on the main page after setting it to do so in settings

The user defined list is only used in the Buy and Sell screen not in the market screen (offer book). In the market screen all the currencies of all offers are displayed if there is at least one offer.