New version released:

A new release is available for download:

Due to the high blockchain congestion we are forced to push out another release with a tx fee increase.

Release notes

  • Increase tx fee for trades to 0.0015 BTC
  • Increase default tx fee for non-trade txs to 0.0015 BTC
  • Add Janus and OctoCoin
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should we upgrade if we have an open trade / trade in progress?

I closed all my trades when I started the new version

then I tried to create a new one got some damn message on dust. But when I try to cancel it it says:

what shall I do?

You can cancel it. the dust msg comes when the change output would be dust. can happen if inputs are just a bit more then the output… if u select s slightly diff. trade amount it should go away.

ok thanks - just for completeness here is the first error msg:

Damn, there was an error as the trade fee is lower then the tx fee. I will prepare another release. Sorry guys was a late night release yesterday before going on “holiday”… but seems there is no holiday :wink: