New Version - Slow and Failed Download Problem? Now on Bittorrent


I managed to download the new version when it was first announced but I’ve had issues successfully downloading today for people I’m helping get setup now the fee issue is solved.

I am guessing that the server is getting hit pretty hard for the new software so I created a torrent file from mine so people have another option for getting a copy. I hope this helps a few people while Manfred takes a well earned break :slight_smile:

Here is the bittorrent magnet link…


Haven’t used bittorrent yet? I personally recommend qBittorrent as a good client…

Good luck,


Please don’t download from any other source than the official Bitsquare link to Github!

Github should not have any issues with download load and if so it should be just temporary.
Please remove the torrent link again as others might follow that and use it for distributing malware.


Damn, sorry - I didn’t consider the security implications. I deleted the torrent and it hadn’t been downloaded so problem solved but I’ll be more careful before implementing my next clever idea :smiley:


No worry, I know you had the best intentions! Thanks for your support! If people would do sig checks it would be less risky but I know that specially those who should do it most (Windows users) are doing it least.