New version v0.4.9.3 is released

This release comes with several performance improvements and higher trading limits, as well as many new altcoins.

Release notes

  • Increase trade limits (Altcoins: 2 BTC, Banks: 1 BTC, Others: 1.5 BTC)
  • Added new coins: Mycelium Token, BitUSD, Steem Dollars, STEEMUSD,
    BitCNY, BitEUR, BitCHF, BitGBP, BitNZD, BitAUD, BitSGD, BitHKD, BitSEK,
    Comet, BitSYNQ
  • Removed deprecated ETHC (was replaced by ETC)
  • Reduce performance peak when loading statistics data at startup by delayed processing
  • Exclude statistics data from getting loaded what the user has already
  • Add statistics data dump to binary, so new users don’t need to load all the data at first startup
  • Add RPM Linux binaries
  • Add reminder popup for setting up a password, backing up seed word and doing a data dir backup
  • Increase nr. of rolling backups for wallet and keys to 20.
  • Fix JSON dump to be stored as plain text instead of Java serialized object
  • Add option to dump offers as json
  • Add maxMemory prog. arg for seed nodes and statists app
  • Add precision to currency json file
  • Improve wording

Also, is this from anyone officially part of Bitsquare? Who is @marcs?

Cool! Thanks. Yes the other post if from @marc

Also, browsing around, for any Bitshares Smartcoin that is not listed on an exchange (I believe that to be the reason), there is no price available on Bitsquare.

The BTC/bitCHF (to take but one example) price will be the same as BTC/CHF.

I think it makes more sense to grab the Smartcoins price feed from such sources (don’t go to poloniex to fetch BTC/bitUSD, just fetch BTC/USD).

I was thinking on the same but I think we cannot do that as there is no 100% guarantee that this price hold. In fact there will be always some slight difference. I think people who use it know themself that they can use the fiat price as orientation but cannot count on it.

The price does fluctuate a little bit (more with bitGOLD and bitSILVER), but if you install the bitshares client (or just reg an account at, you will notice that the price feed always matches what you would expect from the outside world.

This is called the “settlement price”, and while there is no guarantee that it will be settled at exactly that price, it is the price that traders will gravitate to.

Keep in mind that by grabbing the BTC/bitUSD price from poloniex, you are actually not grabbing the primary market source for BTC/bitUSD – that would be the Bitshares DEX.

To sum it up, BTC/CAD and BTC/bitCAD (and so on) should have the same price displaying, even though actual trades may be a few %pct off (in either direction) – in fact, this already happens in Bitsquare for BTC/fiat too!

Hope that clears it up, and once again thank you for baking in support for Smartcoins.

I am convinced this will be good news for both Bitsquare and Bitshares!

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That’s nice, but I don’t see it at

Is it updated separately?


Yes the headless version there was not updated. just updated so its displayed there now. You can see 1 trade.

Hey, just wondering if you missed my reply earlier in the thread.

Would be great to have the price working for smartcoins!

Need to think more about that. I think we cannot simply use the fiat price. We could show an orientation price (fiat) but need to indicate that it is not the price feed. for % based prices that is not optimal. so better to get real price feeds form a provider which offers that. But I need to focus on the Synergetic cooperation so I dont want to add new features which are not absolutely neede.

I think there’s a misunderstanding, let me try to explain again;

The BTC/USD price is grabbed from an exchange and displayed on bitsquare, arguably to serve as a reference point for users to place orders.

Something I have noticed is that sellers of bitcoin consistently sell 1-10% above the price feed.

That’s all the price feed is - a reference.

Bitshares smartcoins are designed to be pegged to the asset they propose to track. In normal conditions, 1 bitUSD is worth almost exactly 1 USD worth of Bitshares - that is the premise, you can exchange at any time your smartcoins for the equivalent amount in BTS, backed by enough collateral.

The point here is that it would make no sense to assign a different price feed to bitUSD (vs USD) - it does after all propose to track the USD, and if the system works (so far, it has!), the two should be nearly equivalent in terms of value.

Of course, in practical terms it is not guaranteed that there will be orders that can be fulfilled at the price feed, but this is more an ongoing issue to do with liquidity than anything fundamental.

In theory it would be the same with BTC/USD on a centralized exchange, except BTC is already way past that.

In fact it is the same in Bitsquare! If you place a BTC/EUR order now, chances are you will have to wait a little bit - and pay a little higher than the “right” price - for the privilege of buying BTC with EUR.

The “right price” serves as a guidance around which users can place their orders.

In Bitshares, the witnesses constantly update their price feeds in the blockchain, and an average of all of them is published as the settlement price (price feed).

It might be cents off from “official” rates because of that averaging, you will know better than me if that matters (for now), and if it does, I have thought of a possible solution and will inquire about it with some of the bitshares people.

Thanks for preparing RPMs but they don’t work for me on Fedora 24. If you have Docker try

docker run -it --rm fedora:24 /bin/bash
cd /root
curl -L -O
dnf install ./Bitsquare-64bit-


Last metadata expiration check: 0:06:31 ago on Wed Aug 10 13:24:59 2016.
Error: nothing provides needed by bitsquare-
(try to add '--allowerasing' to command line to replace conflicting packages)

Can you try with alien to convert deb to rpm if that works for you? That is what I did on my Ubuntu VM.

The price feed has more relevance than just for orientation if the user has set a % based price. I understand that the pegged currency should be very close to the fiat but I would not realy on that, specially for the not main currencies like SEK…
Beside that it would requires extra handling in the code to show and use a fiat currency price feed for pegged altcoins.
I am on holiday atm so I don’t have more time to dive into that, but will think about that more when I am back.

I have asked the bitshares community for more input about this - I think I know how to proceed, but wanted to hear the opinions of other members.

For a future release, do you think it is possible to make bitsquare aware that all the smartcoins actually “belong” to Bitshares?

For instance, right now, you would have to create a bitSEK account, a bitCHF account, a bitNZD account … in order to receive those assets.

But since they are all part of Bitshares, a single account is enough.

Enjoy the holidays!

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Poloniex price is unreliable source of Smartcoins feed. Because of low volume and many newbie-traders it can be maniuplated with just hyping the trollbox. Please, examine Poloniex bitCNY chart:

Feed must be taken from most volume source, which is exactly what Bitshares witnesses doing.

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How about this ?

Price Feed History

Returns historical price feed values for the specified bitasset.

Straight from the Bitshares DEX, so the same data the clients use to mark the settlement price.

This is more accurate than what any centralized exchange could have - other than concerns about cryptofresh manipulating the results (could happen with centralized exchanges api too), I don’t see any issue with using this.

What do you say ?

Thanks. Need to check that out.

I’ve used bitUSD and the times I really needed to get my money out I could not at a good price. If you look at bitBTC on the internal bitshares market right now it is between -2% and -10%. Bitshares updated the promise including in the source code for bitCNY to no longer claim 100% parity but 90% parity. You have to take true market price for these, not full price of the denominations they are based on.