New version v0.4.9.5 released

This release comes with 3 new payment mehtods and applies the industry standard for altcoin price notation and currency pair notation.

Release notes

  • Add new payment methods: Cash deposit, US Postal money order, ClearXchange
  • Remove support for bank transfers in US (ACH has high chargeback risk and WIRE is too expensive)
  • Added new altcoins: LBRY Credits, Syndicate, HunCoin, Unobtanium, Digibyte, VCoin, Decred, Crypto Bullion, 1CRedit, YACCoin, Advanced Internet Blocks
  • Apply industry standard with altcoin price notation and currency pair notation
  • Show all offers in market screen
  • Click on offers in market scree row triggers navigation to Buy or Sell screen and selects currency
  • Rearrange columns so sell and buy prices are in the middle to see spread better
  • Rename columns headers and table header
  • Add currency pair, primary market based values and display strings for price, amount and volume for offer and trade json files
  • Fixed bug with missing persistence of preferences changes
  • Use defuat vlaue true for “Use Tor for BitcoinJ”
  • Sort currencies in lists alphabetically
  • Add checkbox in settings to display nr. of trades or offers for currency list in market screens. Sort by nr. trade/offer if selected.
  • Ignore offers in market offer book view which are further than 30% from best price if there are more then 3 offers on one side
  • Show only currencies in market view which are used in offers or trades
  • Replace payment method column with accumulated BTC amount in market offer book
  • Add payment method column to trades statistics table
  • Store arbitrator pubKey in trade object to avoid null pointer when the arbitrator is not available in the trade process
  • Set flag to connection at initial data request so the peer does not get disconnected from seed node if max connections are reached at seed node.

Don’t know if this is normal but I had to remove (deb) before I could successfully install

Someone on the telegram chat said that the Canadian dollars are missing on this version.
Where they there on the past versions? (I don’t use Canadian dollars so I don’t know/remember)

I think he confused that the list of currencies are now derived form the available offers (or trade statistic obejcts) and not using the user defined list. The user defined currency list is used only in the market price feed list.