New version v0.4.9.8 released. Please update as soon as possible!

This update fixes a critical bug in the Bitcoin wallet. It also uses the new BitcoinAverage API as the old API will not be supported anymore soon.

Please update as soon as possible!


Release notes

  • Added Crown, Pascal Coin, Smileycoin, RealEst. Coin
  • Now all traffic is going over Tor (price requests from Poloniex could not be routed over Tor because they use Cloudflare)
  • Added request to CoinMarketCap to get more prices for altcoins not listed at Poloniex
  • Use 2 proxy price feed providers as hidden service for requesting accumulated BitcoinAverage (new API), Poloniex and CoinMarketCap price data
  • Add program argument to add custom price feed providers
  • Add module for running a own proxy price feed provider (requires BitcoinAverage API keys). Supports both clearnet and hidden service
  • Display time of latest price update at tooltip over provider icon in market price widget
  • Remove http proxy option because it is not needed anymore (Cloudflare issue with Poloniex solved by the proxy)
  • Remove tor bridge support (was not solving GFW issues and caused only problems when connections to Tor failed at startup)
  • Add option for setting custom bitcoin nodes in network settings (additional possible via program argument)
  • Add new block explorers to settings
  • Increase max. trade period for US postal money order to 8 days
  • Use default btc format (allow more then 4 decimal places)
  • Add tool for exporting wallet data
  • Fix critical bug with BitcoinJ Bloomfilter handling
  • Ignore TTL for persisted data objects (trade statistics) in local data map