New Zealand bug


I can add my NZ bank account but there’s no selection for trading NZD -> BTC. Can this be fixed for the next release, should be fairly trivial.

Finally found the answer elsewhere in the forum. You need to “Show All” before entering the trade if there are no NZD trades active.

A bit counterintuitive.

Yes, its a known issues and will be improved in upcoming releases…

Thanks. And well done for what has been done so far, it’s an impressive body of work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your understanding and support! Sounds like you are a dev :-).
If you have time/interest to join us we could need more man power…

Sure, why not. I’m retired and living on a yacht so could use the mental exercise. And yes, I have been known to hack the odd piece of code.

Rob (former senior firmware engineer)

p.s. I’ve downloaded the sources already.

And just in case anyone is wondering, all Kiwis, @coinstash included, live like this… —>

I could never be that pimp …

Manfred, I downloaded the code and built Bitsquare under Win7 last night. Worked fine, the task wasn’t so onerous.

I haven’t coded Java in 10 years - more familiar with embedded C and Delphi - but if I can find any small things to fix I’ll have a go. I’m also a bit wary of Git, being an old CVS/SVN guy. But even a dinosaur might be able to help out. :slight_smile:

Java 8 is quite more modern than Java 6, what most devs are familiar with from university. Java 8 has lot of functional style support and JavaFX is pretty ok for the UI (though not the fastest, and I feel the lack of performance already on slower machines).

I am sure you find your way quickly into Java 8 and Git…
If there are any questions feel free to ask (I am still on vacations so cannot answer that fast…).

I am not experienced with Delphi but it seems it is 32bit only for OSX, right?

There are a few low hanging fruits tasks on the Github issues list.
One (prob. not so low hanging) is to locate a memory leak (maybe only on Linux, at least on OSX I have not seen it yet).

When I was studying we used DEC PDP-8’s with teletype. I think last time I used Java was version 1.2 or so. Java 2 had just been released but I didn’t like Swing components and it was becoming too complex.

Delphi is unfortunately dead. It ran on 32-bit Windows only afaik, although there was also Kylix for Linux from the same company. Once Borland sold to Embarcadero (maybe there was one other owner first) it simply vanished.

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