Newbie probably fallen into a scam

Hi there,

I’m new here and I’d like to thank everybody. Unfortunately I probably fall into a scam. I make an offer to buy my first 0.01 BTC. This offer was accepted quickly, by a user I didn’t check (I’m a newbie). I made the payment and then realize his account was online since 152 days but never signed by a peer. He’s not answering on the chat. I still have 5 days left to close the transaction. What can I do?
Thanks anybody could help me.

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What you can do is sit tight and allow the Bisq protocol to do its work. Keep a few things in mind:

  • You both made a security deposit to disincentivize cheating.
  • His/her bitcoin is locked up in a contract such that your peer will not be able to take your payment and also keep the bitcoin.
  • Your peer may be in a different timezone. Maybe he/she took your offer and then went to bed, knowing the transaction can be completed later.
  • Some payment methods give the payee a certain amount of time to cancel the transfer, known as chargeback risk. Your peer may be waiting for said time to expire to eliminate the risk of you issuing a chargeback. This is normal.

In short, based on your description, there’s no sign of a scam. Just sit tight. The odds are your trade will work out just fine.