Newby with newby question/first open trade

I have a green check mark next to wait for blockchain confirmation and I am now at the start payment stage for 2 open trades. I’m using clear exchange. How do I send the funds and how do I know the individual will send the bitcoin…? Thanks.


The way you send the funds depends on what bank you intend to use. Your bank should have a feature or app to make the transfer possible.
You need to have a clearXchange account to tie your email address or phone number to your bank account.
To send the money you just need the email or phone# of your trading peer.

More info:

To address the 2nd part of your question: Your trading peer has already locked the BTC into a 2-3 multisig address. If (s)he fails to confirm that (s)he received your payment, the funds will be release with your key + the arbitrator’s key and go to your account after you’ve proven that you’ve sent the money.

Thanks. I have another question. I’m having another failed transaction on shapeshift it seems. I’m trying to swap out my bitcoin to dash and I put in the address of my dash and the address in my bitsquare wallet under deposit funds tab with the btc in it. Why is it repeatedly failing?

Sorry. Another issue came up. I’m getting the message “Sorry, at this time, this recipient’s bank does not enable its customers to receive person-to-person payments from the clearXchange service. You can add a different recipient, or select Cancel to return to the prior screen.” when I put the persons info into clear exchange. What do I do? Do I get refunded the cost of starting a transation in bitsquare if it fails? How do I cancel it?

Now I need serious help. I can’t get into bitsquare. What is going to happen to my btc?

Failing on the shapeshift side? If so I cannot help. Ask their customer care. The Bitsquare receiving address is a normal BTC address, nothing special.

You need to open a dispute. Unfortunately there are many issues with clearXchange (see other thread in that forum). You can open a dispute when u select the trade and do cmd (or ctrl) + o.
The arbitrator will then resolve the case and do the payout.

Ups, you have really bad luck!!!
It is the 2. or 3. time in one year that a user reports a corrupted wallet. But no worry nothing is lost.
We use a rolling backup, so u need to recover from that.
I will write a forum post what you need to do and post it here in a few minutes.

Just posted it:

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Hi again. I couldn’t figure out how to PM you. I have a question. I looked on cxc’s website and saw that wells fargo is a partner bank with cxc so I went and opened an account so I can use bitsquare. Now after I did that I see this post:

and it says Bank of America, Chase, and US Bank are the ones that always work… Are they sure Wells Fargo doesn’t always work as well? Ill have to close that account and open one at one of those now apparently…

You should be able to receive fiat from any other member of one of the 7 member banks, which should be most people. Only in case someone takes one of your offers who does not have an account at one of the 7 banks…
Bank of America Capital One P2P Payments
Chase QuickPay℠
FirstBank Person to Person Transfers
Frost Send Money
U.S. Bank Send Money
Wells Fargo SurePay℠)
… problems can (or will?) occur.