NIX Platform listing

Hello, i would like to submit a listing request on Bisq for NIX Platform (NIX)
We can provide more links as being a nwe users here we can’t post more than 2

As required by the req doc, I enclose the followings;

Segwit Address(Ghost Nodes): GcTxCwanPVYY7DV7b3YA97xgyhPP63tdoA
Non Segwit address: NTxRUjXRJucxBQH2x1xMrbkd3MiBijdpLN

  • NIX Platform asset ticker symbol do not conflict with other asset ticker symbols (NIX)
  • NIX ticker doesnt conflict and is ISO 4217 compliant
  • Listed on Coin Market Cap
  • Social media accounts: to follow

If we can get a mail contact or in DM i w would be appreciated;

NIX Platform Team


All the instructions for listing a new asset in Bisq are here :

Listing an asset needs to make a pull request on the dedicated GitHub repo :


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Thanks for your time and reply, forwarded your message.
In meantime can i also add other links to this post as socials etc?

There is no need. Altcoin listing process doesn’t require any activity on the forum.

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