No Arbitration? missing locked deposit

My trade went to mediation (due to a not published transaction) and it looks like the other party failed to accept the outcome which was cancelling the trade and all parties receiving back their funds. My deposit has now been sent to the donation address (I assume?) as it has gone from my “locked” balance but I’m not seeing anything in BISQ to bring this to arbitration or to say what the next steps are so I can get my deposit back? It’s been a couple of weeks already. Should I just wait longer?
Many thanks.

Hi, trades don’t proceed with unpublished transaction so could you please clarify that?
Here you can read more about Mediation and Arbitration.

Hi Huey,
thanks for the reply. Yes, the trade never went ahead as transaction was not published but the deposits had been made (so my deposit was appearing in the “locked” section on my Bisq dashboard). The mediation was for both parties to receive their funds back and the transaction cancelled which I accepted but my locked deposit funds have gone from the locked section and not been sent credited back to me. I can see the deposit transaction and the UTXO for it remains unspent from what I can see.

Ok, I resolved this by deleting and resyncing the SPV file after looking at a few other users issues.