No arbitrator more than 2 days stuck trade

Trade has been stuck since it says it is waiting for a response from both traders. Meaning both taker and maker gets a message that the other party needs to take action. However, that is not the case.

A support ticket has been opened for the arbitrator to solve this issue but no response. Where is the arbitrator? It has been more than 2 days now?

Please get more arbitrators as this is less than ideal

If arbitrators are away on vacation then they should not be listed as an option and removed until they are back.

Arbitrator: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

Same for me. Stuck trade and no response from the same Arbitrator.

This is @keo as arbitrator.
And he is absent until monday (as indicated in other threads).

This was an unexpected leave on his part, but in future we might figure something out to deal with these things more reliably. I am afraid that there will always be risks however that something could happen to the arbitrator and his private keys to be lost forever, when it comes to multisig trading.
There will be some other offchain options in future, but multisig is all we have for now.

Technically traders could always agree to release the funds in whichever way they want, but due to obvious reasons and risks, this wasn’t implemented in the UI.

Hopefully though, @keo will return tomorrow and sort this out. It is quite unfortunate though that few trades got stuck in arbitration during his leave.

Thanks @alexej996 . Do you have a time when @keo will return today? Feels so painful to have no control and to just sit on wait on a third party. Both traders should be given the option to override the arbitrator once they agree.

Also looking @keo profile he was last seen on Oct 24 on the forum. Are you certain he is still active? How can we retrieve our BTC if he turns out to no longer be active?

It is planned in Bisq future version, maybe beginning 2019, that we’ll no more have arbitrators (only mediators), and that traders will have tools to resolve their cases themselves.
Sorry for the delay, but know also that this happens quite rarely.

edit : on the slack, Manfred just told that @keo is back and working thru the backlog.

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@Trader13 I know it is frustrating, it really is, but I am certain there is nothing to worry about.
Keo is here, you can contact him on Slack or via an email, he is likely just quite busy at the moment resolving cases like yours.

I know Bisq users tend to be quite security conscious, it makes sense that they are, I am myself.
But this time everything should be fine. It is an unfortunate scenario that should be fixed soon.
We are getting real close to DAO and full decentralization of the project, more user control is natural when this happens and fail-safe mechanisms are bound to be developed soon after the DAO goes online.

For now I just think you can be patient. Your btc aren’t going anywhere, they are safe and sound in a multisig. You and other trader have they keys to unlock it and should be able to. Bitcoin doesn’t know the difference between users unlocking their funds after a successful Bisq trade or after it failed to execute in a max trade period. Security behind it rests on the same concept, so there is nothing to worry about, I can assure you, as long as you keep your private keys (or your seed words).

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