No arbitrators

Hi I’m trying to sell some Dash but there’s no arbitrators to choose from. I see there’s offers to buy Dash but I can make an offer to sell because I need an arbitrator. I want experience what this application can do and would like to help later with UX.

There is two seed nodes and here’s their starting characters…


Paging @ManfredKarrer

Same here when using LTC as base-market. Cant setup trades. Asked to select arbitrator but there are none available to be selected.

I restarted the seed nodes. Both DASH and LTC is now working again.

Do these node seeds keep going out of sync? Am I correct on assuming that you meant “now” working again or did you mean it’s not working again? I tried again and I still getting nothing for selecting an arbitrator.

Upps was a stupid typo. Meant now. But saw that I failed. Just republished them again, so NOW it should work.

As there was very low activity I did not check the node a lot. Need to fire up a second node to make it more stable.
Lately on the LTC network there seems to be a bit of activity. Will keep a better eye on it.

Thanks @ManfredKarrer I’m trying to place a sell order in and everything is good except when I try to push the “Review: Place offer to sell Dash” button and dialog popup says…

You need to wait until you are fully connected to the network.That might take up to 2 minutes at startup.

I’ve been waiting for around 20mins to see if that message will go away but it hasn’t and I I’m connected to the network fully.

You need to have the onion symbol fully displayed in the right lower corner. If not then the seed nodes have not sent the full data. Tor issues are a pain atm and P2P network is less stabel. Try to restart if it does not work after a few minutes. The other issue might be if you use Tor for BitcoinJ. I assume Dash and LTC does not have enough Tor nodes so deactivate it in settings/network if you don’t have at least 4 Bitcoin nodes (left lower corner).

Must I be connected to tor to see the arbitrators? I am connected via VPN (tor off) and there are no arbitrators available, therefore I can not create offer for dash.

Dash isn’t supported anymore, due to low activity, so there are no arbitrators on it. You should withdraw your Dash funds from Bisq when you got the time.

Bisq has Tor built into it and it runs over it. The whole network is run as hidden services, so Tor must work in order for Bisq to be used.

In the Settings > Network Info, there’s a checkbox for “Use Tor for Dash network”. Just saying, it’s a bit redundant being it’s not supported anymore.

Looking at a withdrawal fee of 0.0191, it’s hardly surprising no one was using it. Tbh, issues like this is exactly why I hadn’t been using bisq.

You can set your own withdrawal fee in the Settings if you wish.