No aribtrators no party

Hello Staff

I am new to this. But i can’t put any buy/sell adv cause Application force me to select an “arbitrator”

Problem is that i see no arbitrator in the box, so i can’t continue to post my adversiting

Please help

Do you still have the problem? Best


Now i see just one arbitrator. Fine.

But i think you need more than 1.

I can become an arbitrator if you guys need one.


Also i see there is no italian tranlsation of the app. I can help a bit on this if you want.

Yes, at the moment there is only one arbitrator, Manfred, as the arbitration system is under development and getting defined.

The todo-list is getting longer and longer … :wink:

Actually, where do Italian speaking people interested in Bitcoin get their Bitcoin now? Do they know about Bitsquare ? Best

Italian people get BTC in the same place as german, french etc :smiley:

Most of them use as p2p system.

translations are on the todo list, people will get invited when it can be done.