No bitcoin after upgrade - **ETA** - Fixed

I am new to Bisq. I had version 1.9.8 but after receiving my first BTC, I was warned that I needed to upgrade. I waited until the BTC was certified. I did not backup before try to upgrade.

I could not upgrade so I had to uninstall Bisq so I could install Bisq 1.9.9. My wallet is empty but I do have my seed words and BTC receive address.

Did I lose my BTC? (Some is stored on my cold wallet, basically lost my seed BTC…)

ETA: I did not, I still show my seed BTC. I had to delete the file in /home/USERNAME/.local/share/Bisq

.local is a hidden file

I use linux.

I would not use the seed words yet. That is usually the last resort!

Sounds like your BTC wallet might have got out of sync.

You should try an SPV resync: Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

This will sync your wallet and show the correct balance.

Now Bisq wont let me login, says my password is not correct. I uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled 1.9.9 yet Bisq still prompts me for a password that I do not have. I tried to reset my password using seed words but that does not work either. I am not able to select “restore”. I am using the .deb version.

Uninstalling does not solve wallet issues, and neither solves most of Bisq issues.

The seed word is the 12 words that creates a wallet. It’s a secret that Bisq, or any Bitcoin wallet, will use to spendable addresses (private and public keys).
The seed word does not reset the password. The password that Bisq asks at the beginning has been set by you and it denies access to your wallet. The seed (all private keys) remain encrypted until you insert the password.
The password must be the same that you had to enter to Bisq in the past, but you’re doing something wrong (caps activated, keyboard setup, some character wrong).

The seedword does not go there. Don’t send the seedword to anyone!
In case you give up trying the password (I would give this an opportunity) this is the only place where you should reveal the password: Restoring your wallet from seed - Bisq Wiki

You’ll need to create a new Bisq instance for that. If you’re going to play with Bisq folders is better to first do a backup: Backing up application data - Bisq Wiki
Then, simply renaming the Bisq folder makes Bisq, when started, to create a new Bisq folder with fresh wallet and all user data from scratch. Then you will be able to use the seed at Account - wallet seed tab.

Thanks. I was finally able to get Bisq to work and my BTC is present.

I had to delete the Bisq file under /home/USERNAME/.local/share/Bisq.

I use Linux.

Even if you did a copy of that folder in a different device, I find it safer to rename that folder, does the same job.

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