No Cert on Windows exes?

Do it manually like us single people on this special day and linux users :slight_smile:

from the github releases page:

Url of the signing key (Manfred Karrer):
Full fingerprint: 1DC3 C8C4 316A 698A C494 039C F5B8 4436 F379 A1C6

How to verify signatures?
$ gpg --digest-algo SHA256 --verify BINARY{.asc*,}
Replace BINARY with the file you downloaded (e.g. Bisq-0.5.1.dmg)

Just a note you only need to do this ONCE manually.
If you have bisq already, and let bisq download the new update, it will verify the file for you.

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We have no cert for windows (on our todo list). For OSX we have a cert.