No communication for more than 24 hours

I had a Grin purchase cancelled (presumably due to the move higher in price) and have had a support ticked open for over a day.

Offer ID: 8VVDZR-f5e0d962-435b-4584-a518-307c88fb6539-093
Arbitrator: s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999

What can I do to advance the refund? It’s ended up being very expensive trying to use Bisq. How do people normally deal with this level of adverse selection?

You arbitrator is @keo. You can contact him here, over the forum.

This forward trading issue is usually solved with higher security deposits. You can set higher deposits when making an offer.
If one peer cancels the trade due to price move, the other will be reward the security deposit for their loses.

Hi, I’ve tried reaching out over both the app and here on the forums, but haven’t received a response. It’s been days. What can I do?

He wasn’t online for couple of days it seems. Not sure why. I’ll try sending him a PM on Slack now.

Thanks, sorry for the hassle.

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No problem, you are welcome any time for any problems with Bisq here. :slight_smile: