No Longer Displaying Available Buy Offers - 0.6.3

Not sure if the market is just super illiquid right now or what, but Bisq 0.6.3 hasn’t shown a single Buy Offer for several days now. Typically I’d see several a day or more, but since I upgraded to the latest release there hasn’t been a single buy offer. I’m running the following:

Model Name: MacBook Air
Model Identifier: MacBookAir6,1
Mac OS: 10.13.2

Anyone else running into this?

There are no USD buy offers showing on my client either. It could be simply that people are buying BTC for USD as soon as there is an offer.

What OS are you running? When did you begin to notice the change? I’d be surprised if that were the case. Even in the frenzy move higher last year from $1k to $18k offers were still available or would at least show for a few minutes.

I am running Ubutnu, I didn’t pay attention to USD market until you mentioned it.
It is a bit surprising, but there are other offers available, so it seems like there is no bug.
Also by looking at the sell BTC offers, you can see most of them have a negative distance from market price and some just have zero. This does indicate that people are really happy to trade their USD for Bitcoin.