No payment confirmation or arbitrator contact

I’m having problems with the trade bjrmtrw. I haven’t gotten a confirmation for my payment from the seller and after opening a dispute I haven’t gotten any contact from any arbitrator either (only the initial system message). I could use some help looking into this trade.

Trades worked fine in the past and I’m connected to 10 P2P peers and 11 btc peers. I’m currently on v0.4.9.9 Linux.

Maybe you just need to wait a bit. How long has pasted since you opened a dispute?

Over 32 hours ago.

I just checked the case. It was closed but the payout tx did not succeed.
I tried again the payout but both peers are offline atm. Once you are online you should get the payout otherwise ping me again. No worry we will get money out, in the worst case it requires a bit of extra work…

Thanks for assisting, Manfred! Online now, but still no dice with payout (though the ticket was closed). I’m off to work now, but leaving the client running.

I will reply in PM