No payment made - Should I contact the buyer?

I have just sold bitcoins and I’m awaiting payment. There is 11 hours to go before this trade goes to arbitration. The buyer actually included his email address. Will I be breaking any contract by contacting the buyer and asking what the delay is? Also is it wise to do this or should I just wait for the arbitrator to work it out?

Its a little disappointing that a buyer has failed to pay. This is only my second trade with someone on this platform. Hopefully it all works out, or the price of bitcoin doesn’t go on a massive drop between now and the end of arbitration (when I get my coins back so I can resell at these prices).

Feel free to contact him. We don’t have rules defined for that.
If the peer does not pay you will get his security deposit. In the next version the offer maker can define the height of the security deposit for the btc buyer, so it will be in the users hand how much risk he wants to expose himself.

Hi Manfred, thanks for the fast response. Makes me trust the system a little more.

you are trusting magic bitcoin multisig :slight_smile:

That is true, but that alone doesn’t stop someone trying to game the system by backing out of a trade if the price dumps on them. Me acquiring their security deposit makes that blow a little better to swallow thou, which I was unaware of.

Yeah it was not part of the initial concept but introduced a while ago. still lacking documentation updates about it…