No reaction from the mediator

i have an open mediation where everything is settled, but the mediator has not been in touch for 4 days. what to do?


I have the same issue on a trade that did not complete. I has opened a ticket, and have (ctrl+o) opened another one now.

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I have also already opened the second case because of this :frowning:

Hey guys, I am in the same boat, OPen dispute 4 days ago have not answer from the Mediator. Alternatives? options? when mediator does not reply ?

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hes ill :frowning:

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Huey is ill, unfortunately. Send some love.

There is no alternatives for the mediator because it’s assigned at the beginning of the trade and can’t be changed. I’m positive that huey will be back sooner or later, but arbitration could be started after 10 or 20 days (alts or fiat). The worse would be waiting that long to complete the trade.

Thanks for the up date, hope his back soon and :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

for my counterpart it is the first transaction to buy BTC to have any to trade at all. if he now has to wait two weeks without having done anything wrong, then it is not a good experience.

If there was at least a short message in the chat about what exactly is going on, that would leave a more positive impression. How this looks now should be clear to everyone.

Also, it can always be that a mediator drops out, then there must be an alternative. Maybe it would make sense to think about it. Greetings

There is an alternative, which is that both traders generate their payout, but it’s too complex. Considering that Huey is hopefully coming back soon, I don’t think it’s necessary to try this.

There are only two persons involved for a trade: you and your counterparty. A third person is added when mediation is requested.
This has very positive implications for privacy and censorship resistance, but also some negative aspects: if your counter party is missing your funds are locked until you spend them through the delayed payout, or if mediator is missing you can’t get payout suggestions from him.
Please inform your peer about this issue by linking this thread on the trading chat.