No reply from Arbitrator

waiting many weeks


trade: 9451707-e0ab188f-7f75-4728-8e83-4d6805d5a6fc-080

do trades time out and return funds to buyer and seller or are funds locked up forever

Sorry for the delay.
This case concerns probably the new arbitrator -> @arbitrator1

I think this is @cbeams
He has been having some health issues and slowly started stepping away from arbitration over past few weeks.

Hopefully he will be able to respond eventually and take care of this, if possible.

PS: You can check with a block explorer if your funds are still locked in a multisig. Just make sure that you are using Tor browser when accessing block explorers to retain your privacy.

Just to confirm, any trade that was mine is now handled by @arbitrator1.

I don’t have a case with trade ID: 9451707
You can open again a dispute by cmd+o. Just confirm the dialoge there that you really want to open again. Maybe the message did not arrive. Please post which onion address you see for the arbitrator in the trade details window.

@tran2 Is it resolved?