No response after 3 months

Hi, I have a dispute still open from November 2018.
No response from hvllnddukspprwt6.onion:9999

What should I do next?

This arbitrator is actually absent because of illness.
But I ping @arbitrator1 who may be able to manage this case.

Thank you for the quick and helpful reply.

The case has for sure be paid out already. If you open the deposit tx in a block explorer you will see if the funds are spent. If so there is nothing the arbitrator can do anymore. Probably you missed some messages maybe due network issues.
If you have checked that and if the payout was done you can get rid of the pending trade once you dont have any other open trade. Go to the data directory to …/Bisq/btc_mainnet/db/PendingTrades
and delete that PendingTrades file. Make a backup first just in case and only do that if you dont have another other open trade beside that disputed dead trade.