No response from arbitrator

I joined bisq a week ago and proceeded to make my first BTC purchase by wiring EUR via SEPA. The funds (approx. 1000€) left my account within 24hrs but the other party never confirmed receipt. When the trade period ended, I filed a request for arbitration and immediately sent a message with proof of payment via the in-app arbitration chat. I keep checking in every day or two so I don’t miss the arbitrator’s message, but it’s been 5 days now and still no reply or acknowledgement from the arbitrator.
Is this situation normal? Is there something I’m not doing right? It’s kind of got to the situation where I just want my money back, whether it be in BTC or EUR I don’t really care…
Not a great first approach to the app but I still think it’s a great concept and I’m sure it’ll be great to use once I get past this initial problem.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @corrado, do you have the trade ID? Should be 5 to 8 alphanumeric characters. /cc @ManfredKarrer

Hi @cbeams, thanks for your quick response - trade ID is YmyUUo .

@Corrado Can you look into the trade details (click on ID) and post the arbitrator onion address?
I don’t have a dispute with YmyUUo.

@ManfredKarrer Selected arbitrator is: 65pzgqr6fbbfugb2.onion:9999

Thats me. Can you try to re-open a dispute again with cmd+o. it ask you to confirm that you really want to re-open, just confirm.

OK done - let me know if you can see it

Yes now i see it

Could you please send again your payment proof in the arbitration chat? sorry for the issue, it is very rare that the message does not arrive but can be in case of bad network conditions.

Hi @ManfredKarrer, I’ve replied to you in the app. Thanks again for your quick response to my issue here on the forum and I hope we can reach a swift conclusion to this stressful ordeal!