No taker deposit -> my security deposit locked

Hello Bisq users,

I have a problem as maker (BTC buyer/XMR seller). A trader took my offer, but it seems like he never deposited funds. The trade screen was stuck at this position:

I contacted an arbitrator (only through Ctrl + O), he said yes there was no deposit and cancelled the trade with the belief I am going to get my 0.01 BTC security deposit back. Nothing happened and the funds are still locked on the same address transfered when creating the offer (no multisig has been created). I also got the following error message:

"Error at traderSignAndFinalizeDisputedPayoutTx bisq.core.btc.exceptions.TransactionVerificationException: org.bitcoinj.core.ScriptException: Script resulted in a non-true stack: [[x@xxxxxxxx, [x@xxxxxxxx, [x@xxxxxxxx,]

I did not have any problems with previous trades and I have also several successful completed trades after this issue.
I can provide all missing data, but would prefer to do so in private message and not public.

Please help,

You want to recontact the arbitrator, but you cannot ?
If it’s that you want, please provide the arbitrator onion address here,
or ping him if you know his pseudo.

Funds never left your wallet then. You can try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and/or using cmd+e to withdraw your funds.

Yes thank you, it worked.

Does anyone know the reason why this error happened and the software did not resolve the bug?

Communication between Bisq users (and arbitrators) involves several networks : bitcoin network, Bisq P2P network, Tor.
This increases greatly the privacy, but the probability of communication errors is also increased.
If one network has a heavy workload (Tor the most often), this may affects Bisq’s communications.