No time for singing, I need 0,1BTC next days

I can buy BTC with my card and lose 3,5% +0,5% +… lets say 5% lost if I buy in exchange with my card. 5% IS ABSURD! Probably here will be worst as its my first time using bisq, I have no reputation and I want buy BTC now! If I cant find it then I will use the card.

I appreciate all decentralized action, but honestly if I could just use coinbase and pay small fee for a good price, I’m tired of trying to find a way… I even can’t believe the small details that make me cant make a bank transfer to exchances, its like if god chooses to make my life bureaucratic, I loved bisq idea but propably is not for me now as I NEED buy now! 30 days? 60 days? Should exist a fast way to avaliate if someone is honest, if it dont exist, then worst for me.

But I know, trade involves social relationships, if I’m a antisocial angel few people will know my moralityI cant expect a magic blockchain inovation to prove reputation in one day.

It means: thankyou guys for build this decentralized tool, sadly I dont want wait 30-60 days, I feel ungency.

There’s no need to wait 30-60 days. An unsigned account may affect you if you are a maker; Meaning, if you make an offer. But if you are a taker, then your reputation, or lack there of, should have no affect because all makers agree to sell/buy to whoever takes the offer. This should be a breath of fresh air, when compared to… other decentralized options which attempt to use social reputation as a means to deter fraud. Instead, Bisq uses a better incentive: Collateral.

Now, there are some limits with unsigned accounts, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking multiple offers which in sum exceed the limits. Assuming your bank won’t bother you when making a transfer to another individual, just go ahead and set up the account in Bisq and then take an offer that you like.

PS: If you make multiple bank transfers to various different accounts in a short period of time, that might raise some flags. But if you use multiple bank accounts, then that should take care of that problem :wink:

0.1 BTC limits for Zelle are imposed to BTC buyers to reduce their chargeback risk. But you can perform many trades even if you’re not signed.