No trade ID on Zelle transfer

Tl;Dr - btc buyer didnt add trade ID info on transaction, as btc seller, should I dispute this trade? What would happen in the dispute case?

So I recently made a relatively small sale of BTC using Zelle on Bisq. I believe it was the buyers first purchase according to account info.

Just received his payment however I dont see anywhere on there our trade ID on the memo or anything.

Am I supposed to dispute this? I have received the money and dont want to dispute such a small sale, but after reading more and more here I realize it seems important to add the trade ID to each transaction to help identify. Especially with such methods that have a high risk of chargeback like Zelle.

I feel bad because its probably a case of simple negligence on their part, however I’m loving this platform the more I use it and really want to help maintain its safety and integrity, and to do that the standard protocol must be followed.

What would you do? Is it worth disputing?

In general, I would agree that for too small amounts, it is not worth disputing.

But atm, where the scammer(s) will probably not abandon by himself, imo it is better to open a dispute.
Anyway I’m quite confident the arbitrator will be ok.
(And if my advice is not ok, he will blame me ;-))

FYI, the scammer already made chargeback for quite small amounts, eg 87$.
(… this kind of people can destroy 1000 of value just to earn 10).